Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Overview

This article will be about the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, founded by media mogul and philanthropist Jack Kent Cooke in 1968. The foundation’s goal is to provide scholarships up to $40,000 per year to disadvantaged students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to education. In 2016 the foundation awarded over 1.7 million dollars in scholarships.

College Scholarship

The Cooke College Scholarship Program is a scholarship program available to high-achieving high school and college students. Scholarships are funded by Cooke Foundation donations. To be eligible, a candidate must have a 3.25 cumulative GPA or higher for their high school coursework and maintain the same average in their first year of college or university enrollment.

Jack Kent Cooke College Scholarship Program

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is accepting applications for its inaugural undergraduate scholarship program. This year, the Foundation will award eight, $500,000 scholarships to high-performing students who have financial need. The scholarships will be awarded to one student from each of the following states: New York, California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Jack Kent Cooke Program

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (JKCF) was established in 2002 to honor the memory of businessman and philanthropist, Jack Kent Cooke. JKCF’s mission is to improve the quality of K-12 education in low-income communities by supporting programs that provide disadvantaged students with the experiences and skills they need to excel. JKCF seeks out organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in education, exceptional records of accomplishment, and measurable progress in achieving its goals.

Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Program

Many undergraduate transfer students are looking for funding to help them through their four years at the University of Maryland. Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship offers $5,000 each year to our undergraduate transfers. The scholarship is open to current undergraduates transferring from two-year colleges and community-college level institutions. Founded in 1988 by businessman Jack Kent Cooke, the scholarship exists to help students who come from low-income backgrounds attend college.

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