Learning Without Borders Study Abroad Scholarship

Global Engineering Programs

The field of engineering can be derived from many different components; Mathematics, Physics, Chemisty, and the Humanities. The question has always been how do these subjects apply to each other? Engineering Global Programs is an organization that helps answer this question by connecting engineers with partners in developing nations. As a result engineers are able to transfer their work skills into the international world.

Engineers Without Borders Overview

Engineers without Borders are a student-run organization at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with the goal of providing engineering based solutions to humanitarian problems around the world. Founded in 2005, EwB has since travelled to Thailand to help rebuild houses in areas affected by flooding, provided technical assistance for water sanitation in Ghana, and helped construct hydroponic gardens in Malawi.

Engineering and German Dual Degree  Program

German majors have a number of options they can pursue for their major as well as a second major. One option is the Engineering and German Dual Degree program offered through the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This degree’s goal is to educate students in not only the engineering courses that are required for graduation, but also in German language, culture, and literature so they will be able to work internationally.

Study Abroad Scholarship For First Generation Student

The First Generation Student Study Abroad Scholarship is offered to students who are first generation college students. They must have successfully completed at least one semester of college before applying. The scholarship pays for the entire cost of the summer experience. This opportunity is for students to broaden their horizons and take a break from academic life, while also exploring something cultural and enriching.

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience for college students. The experience teaches you foreign language skills, improves your cultural understanding, and helps you to develop independence from the home-country. In addition, studying abroad can help you make lifelong friendships with people from other cultures.

Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs

The Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center in Los Angeles is an important institution that strives to provide the international community with the best education possible. The center was founded in 1990 by Reverend Eldridge Cleaver, who envisioned a place where people of all backgrounds could come together to learn about the world. Today, the center still provides international students with many opportunities; it hosts daily lectures and seminars, weekly film screenings, and regular visits by renowned guest speakers.

African Languages Study Abroad with Howard

Howard offers African language courses which are designed to give students practical skills for daily life in Africa. All levels of study are offered, from basic to advanced courses. Courses are taught in the original language with an emphasis on linguistic accuracy. Howard’s goal is to create a better understanding of Africa for the student and to promote cross-cultural understanding.
The Howard African Language Center at East Georgia College offers programs that focus on teaching African languages.

Alternative Spring Break Programs For Students

Spring Break is the time for students to get away from their studies, forget all of their worries, and take a break. However, this break doesn’t always have to be somewhere luxurious like Miami or New York City; it can be in your own backyard. There are many programs that require little effort but offer big rewards. There are many opportunities for alternative spring breaks. These alternate spring break programs range from community service trips to volunteering at animal shelters.

Engineers Without Borders in Kenya Program

The Engineers Without Borders chapter in Kenya has been working on a project called House Hold Energy Savings where they will teach households about simple techniques that increase energy efficiency.

Alternative Spring Break Program At Ghana

The Alternative Spring Break Ghana Program is the perfect opportunity for students to explore an entirely different culture during their break. Located in Accra, Ghana, this program offers opportunities to get hands-on with local communities while building relationships that go beyond travel.

Global Learning Overview

Educational opportunities are expanding globally. All over the globe, students are taking their learning outside of the classroom walls. This is called international education. International education can take many forms; it ranges from studying abroad for a few weeks to spending an entire year in another country. It includes teaching English to children in different countries or volunteering to teach people how to cook nutritious meals. The benefits of international education become evident as students learn about other cultures and bring back new perspectives on life.

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