ohio jr high wrestling rankings: all you need to know

Ohio Jr. High Wrestling

The sport of wrestling is a physical and demanding one. It requires athletes to be in excellent physical condition, as they are constantly putting their bodies on the line. For young athletes, there is no better place to learn how to wrestle than at the junior high level.

In Ohio, there are many junior high schools that offer wrestling programs. These programs provide young athletes with the opportunity to learn the basics of the sport, and eventually compete against other students from around the state.

The Ohio Jr. High Wrestling Association oversees all of the junior high wrestling competitions in the state. This association provides a competitive environment for young athletes, while also teaching them important skills that will help them in their future athletic pursuits.

history of Jr. High Wrestling in Ohio

Jr. High wrestling has been around for a long time in Ohio. The first sanctioned Jr. High tournament was held in 1966, and it has been growing ever since. In the early days, Jr. High wrestlers competed in tournaments with high school wrestlers. As the sport grew, separate tournaments were created just for Jr. High wrestlers.

Today, there are many different Jr. High wrestling tournaments throughout Ohio. Some of the larger ones include the Buckeye Classic, the Steel City Classic, and the Lion’s Den Duals. These tournaments draw some of the best Jr. High wrestlers from all over the state.

The competition is always fierce at these tournaments, and the athletes put on a great show for the fans. Jr. High wrestling is definitely a sport to watch in Ohio!

rules of Jr. High Wrestling in Ohio

In Ohio, the Jr. High Wrestling season typically runs from November through February. The main focus during the season is on learning and developing the basic skills of wrestling. There are a few rules that all wrestlers must follow during matches in order to maintain fair play and safety.

First, all wrestlers must shake hands before and after each match. This is a sign of good sportsmanship. Second, competitors must never leave their feet to tackle or take down their opponent. This could lead to serious injury. Third, wrestlers are not allowed to grab any body part below the waist with their hands. This includes the opponent’s genitals, buttocks, or legs. Doing so can result in a penalty called an “illegal hold.” Finally, matches are stopped when one wrestler is pinned to the mat for a three-second count.

structure of Jr. High Wrestling in Ohio

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) oversees the state’s junior high wrestling program. The OHSAA sets the rules and regulations that all participating schools must follow.

In order to compete in OHSAA-sanctioned junior high wrestling tournaments, schools must establish a junior high wrestling program that follows the OHSAA guidelines. These guidelines include: establishing an eligibility policy, appointing a coach, forming a team, and adhering to the OHSAA competitive season dates.

Most junior high wrestlers in Ohio compete in either the eight- or nine-man brackets. There are three weight classes for each bracket: 106 pounds, 113 pounds, 120 pounds; 120 pounds, 126 pounds, 132 pounds; 138 pounds, 145 pounds, 152 pounds.

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final thought

Ohio junior high wrestling is a great way to get involved in the sport of wrestling and stay active. It is a great way to make friends and stay out of trouble. The competition is fierce, but it is a lot of fun. If you are looking for a way to get involved in the sport of wrestling, Ohio junior high wrestling is the place for you.