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Manga, a Japanese term for comics and cartoons, typically features the unusual and unique. One such manga is Prison School, by Akira Hiramoto. The story is about Hachimitsu Academy, an all-girls school which used to have a male section until it was closed in retaliation against the male student-body’s constant pranks on the girls. A group of boys are now enrolled again as they try to put an end to the female domination at their new school.

The story centers around the unique dynamic of a school for convicts. Shuji is an unlucky middle-schooler who has been sent to this school, and he gets lost in the culture shock of living among murderers, drug dealers, and delinquents. An interesting aspect of this manga is the contrast between the environment of delinquency and the formal setting of prison life.


This article will explore the story of an adult man who gets sent to a high school in prison. The story starts with him being chosen to take over the old abandoned school building. He agrees, but only if he can have 20 rooms for his prisoners to use as classrooms, 5 laboratories for science classes, and 15 recreational areas. The guy agrees, but only if he can have 25 rooms for his prisoners to use as classrooms, 6 laboratories for science classes, and 16 recreational areas.

Fujiwara, like many Japanese teenagers, finds himself too short to make the basketball team. He soon finds an alternative when he discovers the prison in his neighborhood. While recruiting new inmates to join his team in hopes of winning the upcoming tournament, Fujiwara quickly finds himself in over his head. These inmates are not your average jocks; instead, they’re all outcasts and delinquents with bigger muscles than he could ever hope to have.

prison school chapter 278

In chapter 278 of Prison School, Hana tries to teach Kiyoshi some more English. After a little back and forth, the two eventually agree on some vocabulary. They first try to learn “bird.” Hana spells out “R-I-D-E” and Kiyoshi cannot understand why she is spelling it. She explains that she is saying “bird.” The next word they choose is “pizza. | List of Chapters & Volumes is a Japanese manga series written by Akira Hiramoto and published in Kodansha’s Young Magazine. The story revolves around Hachimitsu Academy, an elite boarding school where the students are either the children of the wealthy or powerful, or they are orphans whose parents have fallen out of favor with the government.

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I am a long-time reader of this forum and I have seen many interesting topics but this is by far the most interesting. It’s called Prison school. There are 13 episodes so far with no confirmed next season. The story follows Hachimitsu Private Academy, an all-girls school where the student body is split between five groups who are ranked by popularity and academic success. It has been revealed that there are many people trying to take over the high school.

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