Summoner v4.1 Endgame DPS Guide

Introduction: Summoner DPS in the current endgame.

Summoners are a viable DPS option in the endgame. This guide will cover the basics of summoner DPS and provide tips for maximizing your damage.

First, let’s take a look at some of the stats that are important for DPS summoners. The most important stat is elemental damage, which increases your damage against all enemies. Other important stats include fire damage, ice damage, and lightning damage. Critical hit chance and critical hit multiplier are also important, as they increase your chances of dealing more damage with each attack.

There are a few things you can do to maximize your DPS as a summoner. First, make sure you have the correct skills equipped. Second, upgrade your weapons and armor to increase your elemental damage. Third, use buffs and potions to boost your stats. Finally, keep track of your enemy’s weaknesses and exploit them as much as possible.

What stats to prioritize on gear?

The stats that you prioritize on gear will depend on your class and role in the game. For summoners, the most important stats to prioritize are intellect, vitality, and critical strike rating. Intellect increases your damage and healing output, while vitality helps you stay alive by increasing your maximum health. Critical strike rating is important because it increases your chance to critically hit with spells and abilities, which deal significantly more damage than normal hits. Other stats that are important for summoners include haste rating (increases the speed of your spells) and mastery rating (increases the effectiveness of your specific spells).

Gear: What to wear and why?

DPS gear is a critical part of any endgame summoner build. The following is a list of the best gear for DPS as well as explanations as to why each piece is important. 

Head: The headpiece you choose should provide Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. These stats are essential for DPS because they increase your overall damage output. 

Chest: Look for a chestpiece with high Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage as well as Attack Speed. These stats will help you kill enemies faster and improve your overall DPS. 

Arms: The arms piece you select should have high Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, and Attack Speed. These stats are all important for increasing your damage output and making you a more effective DPS player. 

Waist: Choose a belt that increases your Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage.

Abilities: How to use your abilities for maximum DPS?

As a summoner in Path of Exile, maximizing your DPS is key to success. There are many abilities and passives available to you, and determining which ones to use and when can be difficult. This guide will help you to use your abilities for maximum DPS in endgame content.

Your first priority should be to select the right gems for your build. There are many different combinations of gems that can work well together, so experiment until you find a setup that suits your playstyle. Next, you need to focus on acquiring good equipment. The stats that are most important for DPS are weapon damage, elemental damage, critical strike chance, and critical strike multiplier. You should also prioritize life and energy shields so you can stay alive longer in fights.

Once you have good gear, it’s time to start thinking about your abilities.

Rotations: The best rotations for maximizing your DPS

Summoner DPS in v4.1 is all about rotations. There are three main rotations you can use to maximize your damage: the Fire rotation, the Frost rotation, and the Storm rotation. Each rotation has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll want to choose the one that best suits your playstyle.

The Fire rotation is great for beginners because it’s simple and easy to learn. It focuses on using Combustion and Searing Flaming followed by a flurry of basic attacks. However, it’s not as potent as the other two rotations and can be a bit challenging to use against bosses with high health pools.

The Frost rotation is more complex than the Fire rotation but offers higher DPS potential. It uses Ice Lance, Frostbite, and Deep Freeze followed by a flurry of basic attacks.

Cooldowns: Managing your cooldowns for maximum DPS

Cooldowns are an important part of maximizing your damage in Summoner. By understanding how to use your cooldowns and when to use them, you can squeeze out every bit of DPS possible and maximize your performance.

In general, you want to use your cooldowns as often as possible. The more often you can use them, the more damage you will do. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you are using an ability with a long cooldown, you may want to wait until later in the fight when you can get the most value from it.

Additionally, it is important to understand that not all cooldowns are created equal. Some cooldowns are more valuable than others, and it is important to know which ones to use when.

Macros and Addons

Summoner is a versatile class that excels in both single target and AoE damage. In this article, we will explore the best macros and addons for endgame DPS as a Summoner.

Macros are an important part of any DPS class, and Summoners are no exception. The following macros are essential for maximizing your DPS:

#showtooltip /castsequence [nomod] reset=6 Blade Dance, Implosion, Arcane Torrent; [mod:alt] reset=6 Arcane Torrent, Blade Dance, Implosion

This macro allows you to use Blade Dance, Implosion, and Arcane Torrent in any order you choose. Use [nomod] to use the abilities in the order listed, or use [mod:alt] to use Arcane Torrent first. This is a must-have macro for any DPS Summoner.


In conclusion, summoner is a viable endgame DPS class. While it may require some optimization to be effective, it can be a powerful damage dealer in the right hands. With the right gear and skills, summoners can easily output more than 1 million DPS. So if you’re looking for a new endgame class to try out, summoner may be the perfect choice for you.