Virginia Boating Safety Course Answers

Virginia Boating Safety Course:

There will never be a good time for boating accidents to happen, but the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) has created a safety course designed to instruct boaters on how to stay safe when they are out on the water. The course is free and can be taken online or by attending one of the state’s instructional courses that are offered four times per year.

The Virginia Boating Safety Course has recently undergone major changes. The course used to consist of 8 hours of classroom lectures, with only 2 hours of hands-on experience operating a boat. Now, the course consists of 10 hours of instruction, with 4 hours in the classroom and 6 hours on the water. 

The new requirements for boaters who wish to carry passengers for hire are more extensive than before. The course now includes an additional hour of instruction on how to carry passengers for hire.

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In an effort to improve water safety and reduce boating fatalities, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has launched a new interactive online boater education course. is a free resource for those who want to learn more about safe boating practices. The 8 hour course consists of thirty lessons, which will take the average boater roughly 2 hours to complete.

The Virginia Boater Safety Course is a 40-hour, interactive, on-line program. The course thoroughly covers all boating safety topics and the responsibilities of a boat operator. It teaches about seamanship, navigation, boat handling, weather awareness, onboard safety and first aid. offers this program to anyone who would like to become a safer boater.

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The tolls of are a step by step online course for boaters to take an official Virginia Boating Safety Course. This site does not only provide the state required information, but also important rules and regulations to keep boaters safe. In addition, users must pass a quiz at the end of the course before they can receive their certification card from Virginia Maritime Commission.

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Boating safety and education are a top priority for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. The department also runs a search and rescue program, where volunteers help the public with boating problems. The website provides information on boat registration, courses to take, boating laws, and how to get help with your boat-related issue.

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The Virginia Boater Safety Course is an informative course that covers the basic safety skills of operating a small boat. The course covers topics such as the duties and responsibilities of vessel operators, use of hand signals, situations that require immediate action, appropriate responses to emergencies, and more. Completing this course will not only help you become a safer boater but will also provide you with the knowledge required to obtain your Virginia Watercraft Titling Certification Card.

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Quizlet | Virginia Boater’s Course


What is the cost of the Virginia Boating Safety Course?

In order to legally operate a boat in the state of Virginia, you must have the proper boating safety certification. The course is only 12 hours long and will cover all the necessary topics including navigation, anchoring, mechanics, and emergencies. The cost for this course varies depending on the instructor but it ranges from $200-350.

When can you take the Virginia Boating Safety Course?

If you want a boat license, you have to take the Virginia Boating Safety Course. According to the law, you have two years from the date of your 16th birthday for this course. However, if you’re an emancipated minor, you can take it at any time. Children under 16 cannot take this course without a parent or guardian’s permission.

What is the difference between a boating safety course and a boating license?

In the United States, a boating safety course is a requirement for operating a boat on public waterways in most states. The course teaches students how to avoid common hazards and deal with emergencies when they arise. Some additional information in this course includes knowledge of navigation rules and regulations, handling the boat in varying weather conditions, and understanding boating safety equipment. Additionally, a boating license may be required to operate a boat with passengers on board.