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What is Xactimate training?

Xactimate is a software program that helps contractors and estimators to create accurate, detailed estimates. The program automatically covers the vast majority of your estimating needs, such as man-hours and material quantities.

Xactimate software has been in use since 1993 and is used by over 200,000 people across the US worldwide every day. There are two editions: Basic and Advanced.

Xactimate training, often called “Xact,” is a tool for estimating the cost of home repairs. Xactimate Training teaches users how to estimate repair costs by inputting data about the property’s location, age, damage type, materials needed, and their own skills. The program calculates total costs based on these inputs and user selections. It guides contractors through the process of estimating the time required to perform each task involved in an estimate.

Some important links for Xactimate 28 training workbook: | Xactimate training is a leading provider of training for those who need to administer Xactimate software. The company offers courses in numerous languages and have been approved by the Xactimate company as a certified trainer. They offer a variety of instructor-led classroom training, web-based distance learning courses, online lessons, and they also offer an option for onsite consulting with their instructors.

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For over three decades, Xactimate has been the leading software for building contractors. With its easy to use interface, it accurately estimates labor and material costs for work on residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties. offers 28 hours of free training by industry experts to help get users up-to-speed with the latest features in Xactimate 28.

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Xactware is a cloud-based platform for construction and insurance professionals that allows them to access and update projects on the go. Additionally, Xactware offers features such as job cost estimation, in-depth reporting, and compliance tracking in order to help the user be more productive. The company has recently released their Level 3 Workbook which can be used in conjunction with Xactimate’s powerful estimating software.

Many people find themselves confused by the various software packages for estimating how much it will cost to repair their property after the hurricane. To help these people, an engineer has created a workbook with step-by-step instructions on how to use software like Xactimate. The workbook was designed to be used by someone without an engineering background or experience using Xactimate or other similar programs.

The Xactimate Training and Certification course covers the fundamentals of the program, including: 

– Planning and strategy

– HVAC design calculations

– Building materials and code requirements 

– Projects that require permits 

– Other real estate compensation services

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The Cat Adjuster provides a variety of resources for professional adjusters. One such resource is the Xactimate training manual, which trains adjusters by chapter on basic principles and theories to make them a more successful adjustment expert. The training manual includes a chapter dedicated to the various aspects of disaster adjusting including what type of disasters are there, how to make a claim, and what types of claims there are.

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Zack Academy’s video tutorials are perfect for ESL speakers and anyone else who needs a refresher in construction topics. With videos on subjects such as drainage, insulation, and water damage, Zack Academy offers a deep dive into a variety of skills, from plumbing to electrical work. 

Zack Academy is a project-based learning site that features short video tutorials related to construction topics. Zack Academy offers a deep dive into a variety of skills, including plumbing and electrical work.

For more info check the link below: | Xactimate Training is an Xactimate training organization that provides comprehensive training for all users of the power software. The company offers training in both live classes and e-learning, with topics including the basics of using Xactimate for environmental or environmental investigations, estimating flood damages, or calculating general construction costs.

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Xactimate 28 Training Videos | Youtube

Xactimate 28 Training Videos is a YouTube channel that offers a series of videos to help train users in the use of the software. The company claims that after watching these videos, you’ll be able to close more jobs in less time and spend less time on administrative tasks. The videos cover any topic from basic level training to advanced techniques for estimating and closing residential and commercial projects.

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Xactimate 28 Certification Level 1 Exam Overview



How much does Xactimate Training cost?

The Xactimate Training cost is what you would expect for any similar course. It can be anywhere from $500-$2000 depending on the program and class schedule. The software is also important as it can range from a monthly fee to a one-time purchase.

What is the difference between Xactimate Training and other training programs?

The Xactimate Training program can be a helpful tool in understanding how to use Xactimate, the industry-leading residential and commercial estimating software. The course was created by seasoned building estimators to help their folks grow and become more knowledgeable about this software. Unlike other training programs, you don’t have to travel or invest in expensive books or DVDs. The program is designed for busy people who need a flexible way to learn critical skills.

What are some ways to improve my estimating skills?

Estimation is a skill that is not often discussed, but it can be one of the most important skills for any project manager. Poor estimators can miscalculate costs, overestimate the bandwidth of a project, or set unrealistic deadlines. There are various ways to improve your estimating skills including following these five methods: 

1) Gather all the necessary information before you start to estimate. 

2) Identify basic tasks required for completion of an estimation.

What does Xactimate Training offer?

The Xactimate Training Program is designed to teach insurance adjusters how to best use the Xactimate software. Xactimate is a powerful, user-friendly software that can be used to calculate estimates for insurance claims. It offers contractors and subcontractors the ability to update all of their bids in real time, track expenses, calculate profit margins, and more. The course consists of 3 modules: General Adjusting Procedures; Rate Adjustments; and Advanced Topics in Adjusting.

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